Simply add Text to Pictures



Just download PictureTitle, click on 'Run', click on 'Run' again, and follow the wizard. Vista and Windows 7 users might need to click on 'allow' in the UAC screen (might take several seconds to appear during installation - just wait...).

Starting PictureTitle and adding Text to a Picture

PictureTitle can be started in two different ways. If you start PictureTitle from either the desktop shortcut or the start menu, click on 'File' and select 'Open Image(s)'. PictureTitle can also be opened from the context menu when exploring files; while surfing your files in windows (explorer), right click the file you would like to edit, and click on PictureTitle, the selected file will be opened with PictureTitle. To add caption to the picture simply type the text in the textbox and click the 'Save&Close' button. New picture with text added to it will be find under a new directory called 'PictureTitle'; target file can be changed in the settings panel (view next topic).

Settings and Preview panels

Settings panel allows control over text size, font, color, opacity, and over outline or background color and opacity. You can also control text location, picture size (to resize your picture(s)), target format and where the file will be saved. To open settings panel (if not opened), click on 'Settings>>', to close settings panel click on 'Hide>>'. Once you set up your desired settings, you can click on 'set as default', next time you open PictureTitle, your will use your own personal settings. Settings can be saved as a template, under 'File' and 'Save Settings Template', and opened from 'Open Settings Template'. Preview panel allows you to view the picture before it is saved, to navigate, rotate pictures, save a picture, open a picture, delete a picture or remove previously added text. To open preview panel (if not opened), click on 'Preview>>', to close preview panel click on 'Hide>>'. PictureTitle will remember the last panels opened, and last window size.

Manipulating Multiple Images

Open a file, either by clicking on 'File' and 'Open Image(s)', or by clicking the open button image in the preview pane. Select desired files using 'shift' or 'ctrl' and click on open. When opening PictureTitle using windows explorer context menu, select all files you would like to open (using 'shift' or 'ctrl'), and then right-click any of them and choose PictureTitle. Any change will be applied to all opened pictures.

Removing Text previously added

Text previously added can be removed only if added over or under the picture, and picture was saved in Jpeg format. Text can be removed in two ways. Open the subject picture(s), click on the remove text image in the preview panel, text will be removed and picture(s) will be updated. Text can also be removed directly from windows explorer, just right-click subject picture(s) and select 'Remove Text'.

Changing Logo Added to Pictures

Each file modified with PictureTitle, will have a small Logo added in the right corner. Changing or removing this logo requires a license (price is symbolic). When purchasing a license, you will receive a username and password which can be entered in the license dialog. The license dialog can be found under 'License' -> 'Enter License'. After a license is added, open the settings panel; you can now change the logo or remove it by clicking on 'Change' or 'Remove' in the logo pane.

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